We are Zero Wave !

We are zero wave!

We Turn Waste Into
Valuable Resources

Zero Wave is a company whose mission is to turn waste into resources. We are a young company engaged in the production of 100% biodegradable tableware and food products, which are made from a material that is currently treated as waste and is discarded after use, generating a huge amount of methane in the atmosphere – the residual malt after beer production. We researched this material and found that it is 100% usable. And that’s not all. It turned out that this product has amazing nutritional characteristics – a product rich in protein and fiber, and at the same time with a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats.

Our vision is to promote the circular economy and sustainable development as the business model of the future. We live in a time when every carbon footprint saved is the way to a better tomorrow. With our products, we save tons of methane in the atmosphere in the first place, and at the same time with our biodegradable utensils we fight the elimination of disposable plastic utensils. Best of all, the European Union and its 2019 directive on disposable plastics are already in place and many companies have to move to alternatives. Choose Zero Wave – the best alternative!

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Only Natural Ingredients

No added preservatives and stabilizers, only with natural products from local Bulgarian producers.

100% Vegan Product

This product is entirely vegan without added preservatives and stabilizers.

Recycled Packaging

Our outer packaging is made from recycled kraft cardboard, which we can later reuse (for ideas on how: see the back of the packaging)

100% Plant Based Protein

the flour we use from the residual malt is rich in protein and compared to other types of flour (almond, coconut) is an absolute champion.

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